The Future of Banking

Future-proof your Banking journey with Banktech’s state-of-the-art Banking Platform that is cloud native, mobile first, API enabled and AI driven.

AI driven

Banks want to offer stellar customer experience at the same want reduce costs and drive margins. To enable this, implementing AI is particularly important. And banks have started embracing AI and related technologies worldwide. Banktech is pioneer in implementing AI driven solutions.

Cloud Enabled

Each cloud provider provides you with an entire ecosystem of tools and capabilities, but you need an experienced partner to build solutions & reduce the risks to maximize the applications potential. We help clients with cloud infrastructure design and development, cloud administration, maintenance, and migration services. We are security compliant in all our cloud financial software development services.

Mobile first

Smart Device Banking is expanding and is the future of Customer experience. Banktech helps you to create and deliver better solutions. We have significant experience across various platforms, so we can put together the right framework to enable smarter Customer experience.

API Enabled Open Banking

The API services and the access they offer to the core banking data helps in eliminating barriers between businesses as all of them have access to the same data. Ultimately, this helps in the overall growth of the financial industry, along with improving the quality of services available. Our experts will assist you in every possible way to achieve this.

Analytics driven

Financial institutions face two main challenges - How to make sense of the oceans of data presented in front of financial institutions in various forms, formats, sources and contexts. Other big challenge for financial institutions is having multiple systems to support the data, with the expertise of Banktech you need not worry about this at all! Leave it to our experts to get the best output.

Rapid deployment

The technologies are dynamic, they keep upgrading and we need to be on par with it. New products need to have something more and better than the previous one. Replacing a system or rebuilding products can be difficult but it becomes easy when you chose Banktech.

What we do & How do we it?
Banktech offers end-to-end implementation services covering all Temenos Products Suites coupled with complementary Solution providers.
Banktech has diverse skill set covering Business Analysis, Solution Design, Development & Customisation, Data Migration, Data Analytics, Automation Testing and last but not the least Software Maintenance. Our passion in the end results in high value solutions for our clients
Digital Transformation
Simply put, our core strengths lie in the simplicity of the design yet providing gutsy, avant-garde and stimulating designs and experiences to our clients customers A perfect mix of functional resources and visual elements is what we attempt to achieve with our adept team of designers and developers. UI/UX solutions we offer include:
Digital On-Boarding
Origination Automation
Third Party Integration
Conversation Banking

Where have we been part of Temenos Implementations

Banktech has delivered successful Temenos Implementations for large number of Temenos Clients with services ranging from System Delivery, System Enhancement, Maintenance & Upgrades.

IBS implementation

TPH Implementation

Development & Maintenance Partner

Wealth Management Platform

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